What Does Non-Profit Really Mean?

Multi-Material BC (MMBC) is registered as a non-profit organization under BC’s Society Act, which specifically prohibits non-profit organizations from “carrying on a business, trade, industry or profession for profit or gain”. This means that for us to maintain our status as a non-profit organization, MMBC cannot—and does not—operate with the intention of making a profit.

The fees that MMBC collects from its members are used to finance and operate residential packaging and printed paper recycling programs in BC. The materials that are collected in our system—either at depots, from curbside, or from multi-family buildings—are prepared, processed and sold to re-manufacturers where the materials are transformed into new products. Where commodity market revenue is earned from the sale of these materials, it will be used to offset program costs during the next operating year. (Because these materials are sold as commodities and commodity prices fluctuate with the economy, oil prices and other factors, MMBC does not count on this income until it is received.)

While we don’t want to make money, we also don’t want to lose money or spend stewards’ money unnecessarily. Instead, we want to operate a system that is as efficient and effective as possible. There are many costs incurred in operating a recycling program, including the costs of collecting, processing, and transporting materials. Residents can help ensure that the program is efficient and effective by adding only the printed papers and packaging that are accepted in the program to their recycling, so that we are not transporting materials that either cannot be recycled or will reduce the quality of what we sell to material re-manufacturers. To see a full list of what materials are accepted in MMBC’s program, click here.