Recent Blogs Describe MMBC Depot Requirements and Process to Establish Percentage of Non-PPP

Recent Blogs Describe MMBC Depot Requirements and Process to Establish Percentage of Non-PPP

Multi-Material British Columbia (MMBC) has received inquiries from local governments and other organizations that are currently providing collection services for packaging and printed paper (PPP) about the terms and conditions set out in the Master Services Agreement (MSA) and the Statements of Work (SOW).

The MSA and SOWs are legal documents that support good business relationships between MMBC and the collectors that will deliver collection services on behalf of MMBC when industry assumes responsibility for the PPP collection system in May 2014.

MMBC recognizes that some of the contractual arrangements described in the documents are raising questions and concerns. To help collectors make decisions about their future role in collecting PPP, MMBC recently posted two blogs.

When Does a Depot Meet the Requirements to be Staffed, Fenced and Locked?

  • Posted August 7, 2013
  • Offers advice to help depot operators determine whether their depots meet MMBC’s requirements for the PPP depot to be staffed when open and secure when closed.

Responding to Collection Incentive Offers by September 16 and Executing Contracts with MMBC

  • Posted August 14, 2013
  • Notes that MMBC will include a statement regarding good business relationships in the MSA.
  • Describes, as an example of a good business relationship, the process MMBC will implement before applying the service level failure credit for a load of PPP containing more than 3% non-PPP.
  • Notes that certain MSW and SOW sections must be completed specific to each collector through discussions with MMBC.
  • Reiterates the deadline date of September 16, 2013 by which collectors must inform MMBC of their decision to accept or decline MMBC’s collection incentive by submitting the Response Form.
  • Notes that collector responses must be unconditional as the basis for contractual agreements.