Recycle BC Resident Q&A

May 29, 2020

From @carmelynchimney: Can you recycle a glass candle holder that still has a bit of wax in the bottom?

Answer: Glass and aluminum containers can be recycled but the wax has to be removed. An easy way to remove the wax is to scrape out the larger pieces with a spoon or, if you’re careful, a butter knife. Then add some hot water and let it sit over night to loosen the smaller pieces. Drain the water and put the wax in your garbage. Aluminum containers for candles go in your blue box. If you don’t receive glass collection at your home or apartment/condo building, you can return glass containers to a Recycle BC depot – find one near you with our online map!

June 1, 2020

From Carolyn (Facebook): Should I ball my aluminum foil together for recycling?

Answer: We asked Linda, Recycle BC’s Post Collection Services Manager for some insight on this question:

“Yes, once it’s rinsed clean and doesn’t have any food stuck to it, ball it up. It moves easier through the sorting line rather than getting stuck between containers.”

Find our accepted material list, including other aluminum containers, on our website.

ball of aluminum foil