Seeking Comments on Draft PPP Stewardship Plan by Nov. 9

Multi-Material British Columbia (MMBC) has posted its Draft Packaging and Printed Paper (PPP) Stewardship Plan and information documents describing how it will collect and recycle PPP in British Columbia (BC) according to the requirements set out in the Recycling Regulation.

We are seeking feedback on the draft plan and invite interested parties – producers and stakeholders – to submit comments by November 9. Comments received by that date will be considered when finalizing the PPP Stewardship Plan for submission to the Ministry of Environment (MOE) on November 19, 2012.

Comments received after November 9 but before December 14 that result in modifications to PPP Stewardship Plan, will lead to the submission of an updated plan to the MOE in January 2013.

Choose Your Comments Tool

Several avenues are available for submitting comments, including options that are conveniently accessible on the MMBC website:

Allen Langdon
Chair, Multi-Material British Columbia
209 – 1730 West 2nd Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6J 1H6

If you are a producer (brand owner or first seller that introduces packaging or printed paper into the BC residential marketplace) and you have questions about your obligation, please

Consultation Workshop and Webcast Held October 29

MMBC held a consultation workshop and webcast for producers and stakeholders on October 29. If you were unable to participate and would like to listen to the proceedings while reviewing the slides, the webcast has been archived.