Overflowing recycling bins?

The presents are unwrapped. Toys, new gadgets and holiday decorations are soon to be put away. Perhaps you are cuddled up with a good book on this last day of the year, enjoying the great outdoors, or getting ready for a big night out. Or maybe you are looking at stacks of greeting cards and empty packaging “decking your halls,” and wondering just what to do with it all. Fear not, there is more than enough room in recycling collection trucks for ALL of your packaging and printed paper, even if it’s more than what fits in your bin. Here are some simple pointers to keep in mind to ensure nothing gets left behind on recycling day.

Tip #1: Consolidate

Reduce the volume of your recycling by flattening boxes and crumpled packing or wrapping paper, and stacking like-containers, such as yoghurt tubs, holiday party trays, or egg cartons. In addition, slide lids into empty tin food cans and squeeze the can to flatten it so it takes up less space and reduces sharp edges. Gable top milk or soup cartons and plastic milk jugs can also be flattened before adding these to your container recycling.

Tip #2: Flatten cardboard

Cardboard is one item that does not have to go into your recycling container(s); it can be stacked beside or between your collection box or bags. We ask that you flatten and cut large boxes down to a reasonable size, and stack them in a manner that ensures they will not blow away.

Tip #3: More bins or bags

After consolidating your recycling you may still find that your family has more packaging and printed paper than your recycling containers can handle, especially at this time of year. If that is the case, consider obtaining more blue boxes or approved collection bags from your local hardware store, or directly from your recycling collector. If your local government collects your recycling, be sure to check with them regarding acceptable recycling containers in your area. Not sure who to call? Use our address search tool to find out who is responsible for recycling collection in your area.

Tip #4: Consider a trip to the depot

If you still have too much holiday recycling, or you don’t want extra bins, find out where your closest MMBC depot is – – and bring your larger items there, so that there is less to put out at the curb on collection day.

Remember – there is no limit to how much residential packaging and printed paper you can put out for curbside collection. If your holiday clean up involves materials that are not covered by our stewardship program, contact the Recycling Council of BC for other recycling and safe disposal options.