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A Solution for Halloween Packaging

Ghosts, goblins, witches, and – packaging? Unlike the usual spooky subjects, packaging doesn’t have to be scary because candy wrappers and other flexible plastic packaging can be returned to a Recycle BC depot or London Drugs location. Collection of other flexible plastic packaging provides a collection solution for many types of common food packaging, keeping …

The Ins and Outs of Easter Recycling

We know holidays are great times for family and friends to gather and celebrate. We also know that holidays can bring excess packaging into our homes. What you might not know is that most of this seasonal packaging can be recycled either at home or at a Recycle BC depot. Our infographic below shows which …

Is your recycling naughty or nice?

This time of year the Multi-Material BC (MMBC) team sees a large volume of seasonal items come through recycling sorting facilities.  Many holiday items are recyclable, including wrapping paper, most gift packaging, and greeting cards and envelopes.  Other items, such as ribbons, Christmas lights, Christmas trees, stockings, toys, and menoras, are either not recyclable or …