Vancouver Schools Lead the Way in Flexible Plastic Recycling with Recycle BC Partnership

We are excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership between Recycle BC and the Vancouver School Board that is set to revolutionize recycling practices in schools across Vancouver! For the first time ever, 55 schools in the Vancouver School Board district will be participating this May in the collection of residential flexible plastics, thanks to this innovative collaboration. 

Flexible plastics, including items such as plastic bags, crinkly wrappers, zipper-lock and stand-up pouches, protective and squishy cushion packaging, and outer bags and overwrap are now combined into one collection category for recycling. With this new initiative, for the month of May, Vancouver School Board is taking a proactive step towards reducing waste and promoting sustainability within their schools, by encouraging students to bring their flexible plastics from home in a month-long recycling collection event in participating schools. 

Recycle BC is proud to work alongside Vancouver School Board in this endeavor, providing the necessary support and resources to ensure the success of the program. All collected flexible plastics will be managed in Recycle BC’s province-wide recycling program and recycled by a Metro Vancouver plastics recycler. Together, we aim to educate students, staff, and the community about the importance of recycling and the impact it can have on our environment. 

This partnership not only benefits the environment but also serves as a valuable learning opportunity for students. By actively participating in the recycling process, students can gain a deeper understanding of what types of material to recycle and where, and overall the role they can play in creating a more sustainable future. 

We commend Vancouver School Board for their commitment to sustainability and for leading the way in flexible plastic recycling. We are confident that this partnership will inspire other schools and communities to follow suit, ultimately leading to a cleaner, greener future for all. 

Flexible plastics can only be returned to a depot or to a London Drugs store for recycling. Recycle BC has a network of depots across BC where residents can drop off packaging and paper free of charge. Click here to find a depot location nearest you or download the Recycle BC app.