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In Recycle BC’s Program Plan, we committed to tracking the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions of our program with a full data tracking system functional in 2019 and GHG performance reported in 2020.

By January 31, 2020, all Recycle BC depot, curbside and multi-family collectors as well as our post-collection partners and internal team are required to submit their 2019 operational data related to GHG emissions in order to support our commitment to calculate Recycle BC’s GHG emissions.

Recycle BC looks forward to working with all of our service providers on this important effort to determine all of the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions related to Recycle BC’s supply chain operations.


Below is a timeline of events, both past and upcoming, as they relate to the GHG reporting project:

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In order to assist you with compiling your data, we have prepared two versions of a GHG Reporting Guide — one for depot collectors and one for curbside/multi-family collectors. These guides are available to reference as you prepare for the start of the 2019 baseline year of GHG emissions reporting.

We have also developed the GHG Portal User Guide to assist you with using the WeRecycle Portal to submit your report, as well as an FAQ document.

GHG Reporting Demo Webinar

Resources for Recycle BC’s GHG reporting demo webinars are below:

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Please feel free to reach out to Recycle BC’s Program Account Specialists should you have any questions about this commitment:

Phone: 1-855-875-3596