Recycle BC joins Canada Plastics Pact

We are excited to join the Canada Plastics Pact as an Implementation Partner.

As Canada’s first fully producer funded and managed extended producer responsibility program for residential packaging and paper, we are proud to play an essential role in supporting the responsible management of plastic packaging through the value chain. Through this partnership, we will work with various Canada Plastics Pact stakeholders to discover and implement innovative solutions for tackling plastic waste and pollution.

“Recycle BC is proud to join the Canada Plastics Pact as it brings together stakeholders across the plastics value chain. Recycle BC manages a wide variety of plastic packaging each year, and we are prepared and motivated to support this collaborative effort to harmonize the life cycle of plastic in Canada. Residents and the environment we all share, will benefit as the Canada Plastics Pact and partners work toward common goals.”

Tamara Burns, Executive Director, Recycle BC

Through this partnership we play a key role in the Flexible Plastic Working Group by leading the Characterization sub-committee. The working group’s mandate and scope is to provide the necessary background, context, and supporting data that will be required to develop and deliver broad stakeholder alignment on a future comprehensive Roadmap for achieving a circular economy for flexible plastic packaging in Canada.

Recycle BC, as part of the characterization sub-group, is working to provide access for stakeholders to a database of flexible plastics data and best practices for waste and recycling studies to capture the composition and quantities of flexible plastics.

 We also continue our work to increase the collection and responsible management of plastic packaging through various collection and post-collection initiatives including an expanded accepted material list, collection events, education campaigns, a collection pilot project and research and development projects.

We are excited to share our experience and knowledge with the Canada Plastics Pact, and its partners, to continue to reduce and effectively recycle plastic packaging. We are focused on supporting and improving the recycling system as we move towards a circular economy for plastics.