Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy Approves Recycle BC’s Revised Program Plan

We are pleased to confirm that the revised five-year Packaging and Paper Product Extended Producer Responsibility Plan submitted by Recycle BC was approved by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy (MoECCS) on June 28, 2019.

Recycle BC recently celebrated its five-year anniversary in May 2019 and the new Program Plan builds on the program advancements and successes of the inaugural plan, developed in 2013, and our first five years of operations.

The new Recycle BC Program Plan focusses on the following:

1)    Program performance and reporting enhancements

2)    Accessibility performance enhancements

3)    Special projects: First Nations Recycling Initiative, greenhouse gas reporting, streetscape collection, and exploration of packaging and paper collection in the organics stream

Of specific note, the Program Plan sets ambitious material-specific recovery rates for paper, plastic, metal, and glass as follows:

Table of Recycle BC 2019 program plan targets


In keeping with the program’s principle of continuous improvement, as each material category achieves and maintains the target recovery rate for two years, a new target will be proposed. These targets will represent a 22% growth rate over the next four and a half years.

We are excited to move forward and continue to run a successful full extended producer responsibility program for packaging and paper in BC.

Learn more and view a copy of the Recycle BC Program Plan.