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Storing and Organizing Your Recycling

We’re spending more time at home, so we have compiled some tips and tools to help you store, reuse and organize your recycling.

Click the image to download all four posters. Or here for separate posters: Paper | Containers | Glass | Depot Only

Activities for Kids

The kids are home from school and you may be looking for some additional ideas to keep the entertained and productive. We have some colouring, craft and other at home activities for them to enjoy.

Recycle BC Home Tour

We’re taking you on a room-by-room and item-by-item tour through your home helping to identify the biggest packaging and paper recycling opportunities. Despite BC residents being great recyclers overall, there are a number of recyclable items still being thrown away. Take the Recycle BC Home Tour and go room-by-room and item-by-item to identify the biggest packaging and paper recycling opportunities.

More Information

For more information about home recycling check out these resources:

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