Flexible Plastic Collection Events

This summer Recycle BC is hosting a number of flexible plastics collection events all around BC! Let’s keep plastics – like plastic bags, overwrap, zipper lock pouches, crinkly wrappers, and plastic net bags – out of the landfill.

Here’s your flexible plastic checklist

  • Bags for groceries or dry cleaning, bread, newspapers and flyers
  • Bags for produce, dry bulk foods and frozen vegetables
  • Outer bags and wrap for diapers, feminine hygiene products, paper towels, tissues and soft drink can flat
  • Bags for water softener salt and garden products
  • Overwrap on mattresses, furniture and electronic equipment
  • Zipper lock pouches for frozen foods like prawns, berries, vegetables; fresh foods like fruit, deli meat, etc.
  • Zipper lock and tear-open pouches for cannabis product
  • Stand-up pouches for dried fruit and nuts, quinoa, grated cheese, dish detergent pods, etc.
  • Bags for potato chips, wrappers for cheese slices and candy bars, cereal bags
  • Packaging for dry pasta, pre-packaged deli meats
  • Net bags for avocados, onions, citrus fruit
  • Padded protective plastic like plastic shipping envelopes, bubble wrap, plastic air packets
  • Flexible packaging with plastic seals for fresh pasta, cheese, deli meats. Even plastic seasls like those used on yogurt containers are welcome!

Check out our event listings and come join the recycling fun. Let’s make this summer a blast while keeping our planet green!