Canada Plastics Pact - Recycle BC

Recycle BC has joined the Canada Plastics Pact as an implementation partner to discover and implement innovative solutions for tackling plastic waste and pollution.

The Canada Plastics Pact and its partners are creating a circular economy in Canada so plastic waste is kept in the economy and out of the environment. It unites businesses, government, non-governmental organizations, and other key actors in the local plastics value chain behind clear actionable targets for 2025. The CPP is a member of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Global Plastics Pact network.

We are Canada’s first fully producer funded and managed extended producer responsibility program for residential packaging and paper, so we are proud to play an essential role in supporting the responsible management of plastic packaging through the value chain.

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With approximately 90 Partners, the Canada Plastics Pact continues to work towards ambitious targets for circular plastics packaging in Canada, set out in its Roadmap to 2025.

Since the Canada Plastics Pact launched in early 2021, various initiatives have been underway to address the opportunities and challenges to enacting systems change. Most notably, they are leading the consultation and implementation of the Golden Design Rules for Plastics Packaging in the Canadian marketplace, which was developed by the Consumer Goods Forum’s (CGF) Plastic Waste Coalition of Action.