Vancouver Whitecaps FC - Recycle BC

Recycle BC is proud to partner with the Vancouver Whitecaps FC to encourage recycling and provide packaging and paper recycling education to British Columbians.

On June 26 and August 5, our team will be on the Terry Fox Plaza pre-game collecting your soft plastics! Fill a bag with your plastic bags and overwrap and your other flexible plastic packaging like stand-up zipper lock pouches or crinkly wrappers and bags and drop them off with the Recycle BC team! 

You can also learn more about packaging and paper recycling and test your knowledge through fun and interactive games. See you at the games!

Whitecaps FC fans extend throughout BC and beyond, and through this partnership, Recycle BC wants to educate recyclers where they live.


23 October 2016: Action during a game between Vancouver Whitecaps FC and Portland Timbers FC on Bell Pitch at BC Place Stadium in Vancouver, BC, Canada. ****(Photo by Bob Frid - Vancouver Whitecaps 2016 - All Rights Reserved)***