Hard Plastic Packaging? Easy Choice. - Recycle BC

Hard plastic packaging? Easy choice.

It’s difficult to avoid plastic containers at home, so when you have them, we want to ensure they get recycled. Put your plastic containers in your recycling bin for collection and let us do the rest! We want to ensure they can be made into new packaging and products.

Most hard plastic packaging is accepted in the Recycle BC program. This includes plastic take-out cups, bowls and lids; microwavable bowls and cups; plastic bottles, jugs, jars, tubs and trays (including caps, tops, lids and pumps); hard plastic clamshells for baked goods, fruit, eggs, etc.; plastic garden pots and seedling trays; and plastic pails less than 25 litres, for laundry detergent, pet food, etc. Hard plastic packaging used to protect toys, electronics or other products within a corrugated cardboard or boxboard box, is also accepted and can be included with your container recycling.

Remember to empty and rinse containers. Labels may be left on your plastic packaging as they can be removed during the recycling process.

Reduce when you can, but when you have plastic containers, be sure to recycle them!

What can I recycle?

We have a consistent material list around the province, so residents in each area that is part of our program can put the same materials in recycling bins. Material can be searched online with our search tool or on the go with our mobile app.

Depot only items

Certain items can only be returned to the depot for recycling. Things like plastic bags and overwrap, foam packaging (like Styrofoam) and, in some communities, glass should be returned to depots to be recycled.