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Recycling right keeps our environment healthy and our wildlife happy. It’s easy to make a difference.

In 2019, together, we recycled over 187,000 tonnes of your packaging and paper recycling. This year, we want to recycle even more. Are you recycling all you can? Check below and view our materials list to see all you can recycle.

Recycle at Home (sort according to your community’s guidelines)
Take to Recycling Depot (find one near you)

graphic showing foam packaging accepted by Recycle BC

Foam packaging

graphic showing plastic bags and overwrap accepted by Recycle BC

Plastic bags and overwrap

graphic showing other flexible plastic packaging accepted by Recycle BC

Other flexible plastic packaging


View full list of accepted depot-only materials including glass. Containers and paper can also be recycled at depots.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Search a material below or view our full material list.


Looking to recycle something that isn’t packaging or paper? You can drop-off batteries, beer containers, beverage containers, cell phones, electric outdoor power equipment, electronics, lead-acid batteries, major appliances, medications, paint, household hazardous waste, lights, alarms, small appliances, thermostats, tires, used oil and anti-freeze.

In addition, hazardous items like propane canisters, flammable liquids, and lithium-ion batteries can cause serious harm to recycling staff and facilities. Ensure they don’t end up in your recycling bin and are returned to an appropriate depot.

Contact the Recycling Council of BC at, 1-800-667-4321 or for more information and drop-off locations. 


Small actions make a big difference. Nature is rooting for you. And so are we.

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