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Join the fight against waste.

Reduce, reuse, recycle — these three words have been the call to action when it comes to waste reduction. Reducing our reliance on certain materials and reusing others when possible are very effective, but when they can’t get the job done, we recycle.

Recycling is a team effort, from your blue box to the facilities that process and recycle your material. Every time we don’t recycle, we’re hurting our environment. It may sound harsh but if we can’t reduce, reuse, or recycle, that material will likely end up in a landfill. But with your help we can prevent that from happening.

These three guidelines are tried and true methods to support your recycling system and reducing the impact waste has on our environment:

Check the material list

Recycle BC is responsible for residential packaging and paper recycling. Our material list is separated by Paper, Containers, Glass, and material only collected at depots. Sorting material into these categories prevents recycling contamination, ensuring more of your collected material is effectively recycled. Download our material list (available in five languages), search the Waste Wizard on our website, or download our app which includes our material list, depot locator, and recycling reminders for select areas across BC.

Woman holding iPhone and scrolling the Recycle BC app

Recycle all you can

We can all do our part and put recyclable containers and paper in the blue boxes. Other materials like plastic bags and overwrap, foam packaging and glass can be returned to a participating depot.

Recycling bins under a kitchen sink labeled with Recycle BC material categories

When in doubt ask

Even with your recycling guide, our Waste Wizard, app, and other resources, you may still have recycling questions — and that’s OK! We’re happy to help and provide advice to make you a confident recycler. If you have questions regarding your collection (e.g. missed pick-up, replacement bins) call the collector in your area to connect with them directly. Find your contact information here.

For questions related to accepted material or general recycling questions, call us at 778-588-9504 or toll-free at 1-855-875-3596. Or send us an email to You can also connect with us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!