North Shore Recycling Transition – Multi-Family Contact Form - Recycle BC

Starting on July 1, 2020, Recycle BC will manage the packaging and paper recycling service on the North Shore, including the City of North Vancouver, the District of North Vancouver and the District of West Vancouver. Recycle BC’s selected contractor for these services is Emterra Environmental for North Vancouver and Waste Control Services for West Vancouver.

You are strongly encouraged to provide your building’s contact information directly to Recycle BC so we can work with you on details related to servicing your building. This will ensure we can communicate directly with you about any changes that may impact your recycling collection service, including changes to the collection schedule, or if there are any issues servicing your location. If Recycle BC is not able to efficiently communicate with you, this may delay the timely resolution of any service issues.

This is particularly important if your location is likely to require a pull out service of your recycling carts greater than 30 meters, as this is considered an extra service with applicable charges. This service will not continue after July 1 if appropriate arrangements have not been made. To ensure Recycle BC, Emterra Environmental and/or Waste Control Services can contact you about this, we will require contact information.

The appropriate contact(s) may be a property management company, a building superintendent or custodian, an appointed resident that oversees building services, a building strata, or a combination of different types of contacts.

This information will be used solely for the purpose of contacting, or responding to, building contacts with regards to operational issues specific to multi-family recycling at the applicable building(s).  Examples include service disruptions or changes, site access changes, collection cart issues or cart pull out service.

For more information on the upcoming recycling transition, please visit the applicable website:


If you are providing information for several buildings, you can download this Excel file, complete it and email to